TP53 (tumor protein p53 (Li-Fraumeni syndrome)) - an update

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URI:  |   DOI : 10.4267/2042/15937
Title: TP53 (tumor protein p53 (Li-Fraumeni syndrome)) - an update
Author:Olivier, Magali
Description:Review on TP53 (tumor protein p53 (Li-Fraumeni syndrome)) - an update, with data on DNA, on the protein encoded, and where the gene is implicated.
Subject:TP53 [G]; 17 [C]; Li-Fraumeni syndrome [P]; Chronic myelogenous leukemia [P]; Skin cancers [P]; Skin melanoma [P]; Breast tumors [P]; Squamous cell carcinoma [P]; Lung cancers [P]; Esophageal carcinoma [P]; Hepatocellular carcinoma [P]; Stomach carcinoma [P]; Colorectal adenocarcinoma [P]; Urothelial carcinoma [P]; Uterine cervical neoplasia [P]; Ovarian cancers [P]; Prostate cancers [P]; Glioblastoma [P]; Myelodysplasic syndromes [P]; Head and neck neoplams; Genes Section

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