Dynamic Electrothermal Simulation of Integrated Resistors at Device Level

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Title: Dynamic Electrothermal Simulation of Integrated Resistors at Device Level
Author: Vermeersch, B.; De Mey, G.
Abstract: This paper presents the dynamic electrothermal simulation of a rectangular resistor integrated on a semiconductor substrate. Due to the temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity of the resistive sheet, self heating provokes a coupling between the electrical and thermal problem and gives rise to nonlinear phenomena. We introduce a time stepping iterative method to perform the calculations. The electrical and thermal solvers are based on FEM and Green’s functions techniques respectively. An extensive dynamic analysis of the device will be presented. The results include heating and cooling curves, Nyquist plot (complex locus) of the thermal impedance, time constant spectrum and structure function. Comparisons with the linear case, i.e. a temperature independent resistor, are made and accompanied by analytical approximations if possible. One key observation is that the nonlinearity may easily be overlooked: its detection is only possible in particular characteristics.
Subject: Electrothermal, dynamic characterization, resistor, nonlinearities
Publisher: EDA Publishing Association, Grenoble, France
Date: 2007

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