Acoustically Enhanced Boiling Heat Transfer

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Title: Acoustically Enhanced Boiling Heat Transfer
Author: Douglas, Z. W.; Smith, M. K.; Glezer, A.
Abstract: An acoustic field is used to increase the critical heat flux (CHF) of a flat-boiling-heat-transfer surface. The increase is a result of the acoustic effects on the vapor bubbles. Experiments are performed to explore the effects of an acoustic field on vapor bubbles in the vicinity of a rigid-heated wall. Work includes the construction of a novel heater used to produce a single vapor bubble of a prescribed size and at a prescribed location on a flatboiling surface for better study of an individual vapor bubble’s reaction to the acoustic field. Work also includes application of the results from the single-bubble heater to a calibrated-copper heater used for quantifying the improvements in CHF.
Subject: Boiling, acoustic coupling, critical heat flux, forced bubble detachment
Publisher: EDA Publishing Association, Grenoble, France
Date: 2007

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