Electrochemical Codeposition of Ceramic Nanocomposite Films

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Title: Electrochemical Codeposition of Ceramic Nanocomposite Films
Author: Toledano, Reut; Okner, Regina; Mandler, Daniel
Abstract: A novel method for deposition of ceramic nanocomposite films has been developed. This approach allows controlling the exact composition of the deposit, e.g., Cu-TiO2, Au-SiO2 and should enable the formation of a wide variety of coatings such as graded films, catalysts etc, in a straightforward approach. Sol-gel films are traditionally deposited via spin-coating, dip-coating or spraying. We describe a single step electrochemical deposition method for the preparation of ceramic nanocomposite films in which micro and nanoparticles are embedded. It is based on the electro-assisted deposition of sol-gel thin films. According to this methodology, applying either negative or positive potentials to a conducting substrate alters the pH at the electrode surface, which catalyses the polymerisation of sol-gel monomers, leading to the deposition of the appropriate oxide films. We have applied this method for preparing thin films of metal ceramic materials, such as copper-titania and copper-silica and the introduction of different nanoparticles into sol-gel coatings. Organic nanoparticles have also been incorporated in the course of the electrodeposition.
Publisher: EDAP Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2007

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